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We're Innovators in Rail Transportation of Environmentally Sensitive Material

MHF Services was founded on the basic principle of providing innovative transportation of environmentally sensitive materials using direct rail transport and multimodal systems that combine intermodal, rail, truck and marine conveyances. Specialty equipment is used to transport radioactive, hazardous and industrial materials and waste, as well as overweight and oversize shipments.

We Own the Largest Fleet of Equipment in the Industry

Our large, asset-based fleet of private railcars and containers permits us to mobilize our equipment where and when needed to service our customers. This, coupled with our hands on approach to every project, has enabled many of our valued customers to experience savings of 50% or more by switching to our transportation methods for bulk or packaged materials that have historically been shipped by truck.

We're Logistics Experts

The MHF team includes some of the industry's best innovators and problem solvers who will partner with you to meet your transportation logistics challenges. At MHF Services we're experts in logistics and possess a comprehensive knowledge of transportation infrastructures and regulatory requirements. We develop a customized approach to each project's specific needs identifying solutions to package, load, transfer and transport materials safely and cost-effectively.

We're Railroad Experts

MHF is among the railroads’ largest clients for hazardous and radioactive waste. Our logistical experts maintain in-depth knowledge of and excellent day-to-day relationships with Class I railroads, short-line railroads, and companies that manufacture and lease rail equipment.

We're Financially Strong

MHF's operations are supported by a sound balance sheet. We have the strong financial backing of a private equity firm with experience in the material transport industry. We also have a solid commercial banking relationship. Combined with our broad customer base that includes several of the top companies in our target markets and our proven ability to deliver on long-term, multi-million dollar contracts, MHF has the longevity and financial stability to serve your needs now and in the future.