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Technical Services

Our professional technical services are an integral part of MHF’s turnkey project management.  We’re prepared to support your project with on-site, dedicated staff for logistics coordination, waste management services and shipping documentation preparation. Or, we can provide occasional consulting to support the safe, compliant and efficient completion of your project.

Project examples include:

  • Provided a mechanical packaging handling system, a software operating system, and USDOT-specific packaging to remove a radioactive powdery material composed mainly of metal oxides for the DOE’s $4.4 billion Fernald Closure Project.
  • Coordinated more than 20 radioactive material shipments, including four low pressure rotor shipments of 200,000 pounds each, in a single outage for the Nebraska Public Power District’s Cooper Nuclear Generating Station. 
  • Develop USDOT special permit applications when required for unique projects.
  • Turnkey waste management on several government-led projects ranging from waste characterization, to packaging, transportation, and disposal.