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Our products have been used successfully in a variety of projects for thousands of shipments of bulk soils and debris.  For hazardous and low-level radioactive waste shipments, the MHF Super Load Wrapper is the most recognized and widely used gondola railcar liner/tarp system in the industry.  The majority of US Army Corps of Engineers (FUSRAP), DOE, and DOD procurements identify the Super Load Wrapper in their specifications.  MHF Services manufactures the Super Load Wrapper at its private fabricating facility in Sweetwater, TN.

MHF also offers standard, mid-weight and lightweight railcar liners for less rigorous applications and, when required, custom-fitted, easy-to-install tarpaulin covers.  Reinforced seams and industrial-strength grommets are standard features of MHF tarpaulin covers. All MHF railcar liners and covers are manufactured using quality engineering and the latest technology in strong and durable, yet lightweight, fabrics.  MHF offers its liners and covers both for use with our private railcars and for use in the general marketplace.

Super Load Wrapper

A form-fitted heavy-duty liner for radiological and hazardous waste materials. The Super Load Wrapper meets the USDOT definition of IP-1. Read More >>

Standard Load Wrapper

If a shipment does not require the strength of our Super Load Wrapper, we recommend the use of our standard liner system. This product is used to line rail cars that will transport the Lift Liners™ or other packaged materials to the destination. Read More>>

Gondola Top Cover

MHF's economical, easy-to-install top cover can be custom fitted to any gondola railcar. Optional bow sets are also available. Read More>>