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MHF Services maintains a fleet of privately owned and leased railcars with a current combined value of $50 million.  Our rail equipment is state-of-the-art and is well maintained in accordance with a rigorous inspection and maintenance program.  Our fleet includes nearly 1,000 private, high-capacity railcars. All of our railcars have private reporting markings, greatly reducing the chances of having your shipment misrouted by the railroad.

MHF offers railcars in configurations not available from the railroads for greater shipping capacity and lower overall cost.  For example, MHF recently secured more than 300 high-capacity gondola railcars manufactured in 2009, enabling our clients to reduce the total number of shipments on a given project.  The carrying capacity of these railcars is approximately 10% greater than those generally supplied by the industry.

MHF accurately forecasts the railcar fleet size required on specific projects, ensuring our customers access to the equipment needed to meet their shipping demands.  Because our railcars are housed at strategic locations throughout the country, we can efficiently mobilize additional railcars to meet varying demands.

For clients with special cargo or unique transportation requirements, MHF offers technical and regulatory expertise to modify our existing equipment. Additionally, our long-term relationships in the railcar leasing market and existing agreements with reputable leasing companies allow us access to specialty railcars on a short or long-term basis.

If your location is not rail served, our transload network can provide a safe and economical intermodal transport option.


The MHF Services gondola offers a net weight capacity up to 110 tons, allowing you to take full advantage of rail conveyance for bulk solids or cargo. It can be fitted with a custom tarp or hard lid if needed to protect your materials.

High-Sided Gondolas

High-Sided Gondola

Our 100 ton capacity, high-sided gondolas accommodate transport of bulk materials and our Lift Liner™ packages, as well as packaged materials or cargo. The larger size and higher inside wall height allows for economical transport of lighter materials and bulky items. Custom tarps and lids can also be provided.

Gondola Hard Lid System

Gondola Lid

The lift-off metal lid provides a secure seal during transit and prevents tampering. Special design features ensure ease of handling and durability.

Articulated Bulk Container (ABC) Cars

Containers on Flatcar

The ABC flatcar allows for double-stacked bulk container shipments, and the articulated design enables its use on any rail siding or restricted rail track curvature. The increased carrying capacity provides an economical solution to any container transport project.

High-Capacity Rail Cars

Box Car with Drums

Our high-capacity rail boxcars have been specially designed and modified for the transport of drums or boxes of solid or liquid materials. The railroad-approved securement system allows for a triple stack of up to 340 55-gallon drums and damage-free transport to the destination.