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Customer Testimonial

As a lesson learned from previous outages where contamination bags were used to cover an entire reactor vessel head and its subcomponents, AREVA was challenged with designing and fabricating a bag that could be installed in less time and using less dose than the previous outage. AREVA designed a bag with very precise and specific tolerances; then contracted MHF to fabricate this design. MHF did an extremely good job fabricating this bag to the tight tolerances and in doing so, helped AREVA to achieve a new “fastest time” for installation of this bag. AREVA would like to thank MHF for their diligence in craftsmanship and quality.

Scott Rector
AREVA Project Manager, Diablo Canyon RRVCH Project

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The right packaging system ensures safety, improves efficiency and reduces costs.  MHF Services is a leading provider of flexible and durable packaging products for a wide range of industrial and environmental applications. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific packaging requirements and recommend the best solutions for individual project requirements.

As experts in transportation logistics, we combine our knowledge of packaging and transportation to offer the most cost-effective, safe and compliant solution for every project.

Custom Packaging

MSR ProjectIn addition to our standard products, MHF offers customized packaging solutions to fit your specific needs. For materials that are unusually shaped or require a specific package density, we can manufacture packaging materials to meet your exact specifications.

Is your shipment already packaged?

TVA Liners

MHF can provide a rail, truck or intermodal method of transportation that will deliver cost savings and ensure the safe and compliant movement of your materials.

Learn more about our transportation services and extensive fleet of rail equipment.