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MHF Services offers a wide array of flexible packaging products including container liners, IBC bags, large component protective covers, Lift Liner™ packaging systems and custom-sewn containment systems to name just a few.  Many of these products are fabricated at MHF’s manufacturing facility located in Sweetwater, TN. 

Flexible packaging systems offer many advantages, including:

  • No rental fees
  • No demobilization charges
  • No decontamination or repair costs
  • Higher capacities
  • Efficient loading and transfers

MHF’s patented Lift Liner™ offers customers a safe and economical alternative for the packaging, transportation and disposal of radiological materials.  This innovative system meets the waste acceptance criteria of most disposal sites, including the Department of Energy’s Nevada Test Site.

MHF’s flexible packages can be used either with MHF’s private rail equipment or with other suppliers’ equipment.  MHF routinely sells its packaging systems for use in the general marketplace.

Lift LinersTM

MHF's patented Lift Liners™, an industry standard for more than a decade, are an ideal soft-sided packaging system for low-level radioactive waste, soil, debris or bulk materials. Available in a variety of sizes, the Lift Liner™ has been used successfully in a variety of projects for thousands of shipments and on-site applications.

 48 Cubic Foot Lift Liner™  242 Cubic Foot Lift Liner™
 96 Cubic Foot Lift Liner™  264 Cubic Foot Lift Liner™


1CYD Flexi

These self-standing packages are ideal for surgical remedial efforts and can be transported by rail, flatbed or dump truck, container, or barge. The Flexi-Drums are easy to handle, load, and store.

   5 Cubic Yard Flexi-Drum 

Waste PacksTM

The versatile WastePackTM is easy to handle, load and store making it ideal for a wide-range of remediation efforts. With a 1 cubic yard volume, the WastePackTM accomodates 3.6 times more volume than a drum and offers multiple shipping options including rail, flatbed or dump truck, container, or barge. 

 WastePack 1.0 Cubic Yard Bag

Custom Packaging

MHF Services offers custom surface-contaminated object (SCO) wraps that are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. Our packaging is manufactured under our stringent quality assurance program and is guaranteed to meet or exceed applicable regulations.